updated 12:13 PM UTC, Apr 20, 2019

Types de paris

SMS Pariaz offers a wide variety of bet types including Single, Place, Eachway, Accumulators and more and here are some examples to help you. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us on (+230) 402 9191

    This is the simplest and most popular of all bets. Your selection has to come first for your bet to be successful. To place a Rs 200 win bet on Baron Blixen, runner number six (H6) in the first race(R 1) offered for a payout  of  600, all you need to do is to send  the following text message to 8685.

    How to play: Type 100R1H6 and send on 8685

    In this wager your selection has to finish in a place position for your bet to be successful. The place position is determined by the number of runners in the race and is as follows:

    RS 100 BET ON Boom Boom Mancini (R1H9) to be placed.

    How to play: Type 100R1H9p and send on 8685

    This wager is effectively a split stake bet between win only and place only. It means that you can still get a return even if your selection does not win. If your selection wins, you will get paid for both the win bet and the place bet:

    An Each-Way bet for a total stake of Rs 100 on Baron Blixen (R1H6).

    How to play: Type 100R1H6e and send on 8685

    Accumulators are cumulative bets where you select several events and bet on the first one; if you win, the winnings become your bet on the next; and so on.

    TYPES OF ACCUMULATORS (Doubles, Trebles, 4-Folds…):
    • DOUBLE. A double is an accumulator of two different outcomes.
      How to play: Type 100R1H4R2H3 and send on 8685

    • TREBLE. A treble is an accumulator of three outcomes.
      How to play: Type 100R1H4R2H3R3H4 and send on 8685

    • 4-FOLDS. 4-folds are accumulators with four different outcomes and similarly we get 5-Folds, 6-Folds and so on.

      Example (1) Single selection per race
      To bet a double with Baron Blixen (R1H6) and Gamekeeper (R5H1):
      How to play: Type 100R1H6
      R5H1 and send on 8685

      Example (1) Single selection per race
      To bet a treble with Baron Blixen (R1H6).
      lll Magnifico (R2H5) & Mr. Studious (R8H5):
      How to play: Type 100R1H6R2H5R8H5 and send on 8685

      Four Fold accumulators (and upward) are entered the same way with the appropriate number of runners (one selection per race).

      For PLACE ACCUMULATORS you must follow the same pattern as the win accumulators with the exception to complete your betting instruction by the letter ‘P’ (Placed).
      How to play: Type 100R1H4R2H3R3H4P and send on 8685

      Instruction for sending an Each-Way.
      Accumulator bet is as shown below. The “SMS Pariaz Code” is the letter”E” , which is placed at the end of your instruction.
      How to play: Type 100R1H4R2H3R3H4E and send on 8685
      An Each-Way-Accumulator consists of two bets;
      A Place only accumulator; and
      A Win only accumulator.
      Your total stake is thus equally divided between the two.

We are here to assist you in any kind of problem you may find while playing. Do not hesitate to contact us on (+230) 402 9191 if you require further assistance.